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This family house, built in the 1970s, is in a private ownership. It is 127 sq metres and has two floors above ground and one floor underground (cellar). The cellar is about 1,4 metres below the ground and there’s a kitchen, launderette, pantry and a boiler room. The part of the house that is above ground has two floors that are shifted by a half of its height against each other.

The roof is made of asphalt (sklobit), the attic is plated, and you can access the roof with a ladder from the ground. The roof covering was replaced in about 1988/89.

The house is about to be reconstructed. Its condition corresponds to the state in which it was in the year it was built. It has been unoccupied for a few year.

The structure is built mainly from bricks of approx. 400-450 mm, the transom is made from bricks, the supporting walls in the cellar are made from bricks, and the plinth is made of stone. The facade is made of Brizolit (Czech patented artificial stone exterior finish with sparkling flecks of mica), the internal plaster is made from chalk and cement.

There is central heating with a gas boiler in a separate boiler room/laundry drying room where water used to be heated. The central heating is off because of the upcoming reconstruction and that’s why its TUV bin is off as well.

The house is connected to all the available engineering sites, including the gas. The land line is built in but temporarily off, since it’s not being used or needed at the moment. In the distribution closet, there’s 230 and 400V, as well as in the garage and the workroom.

Right behind the entrance, there’s a recreation room with its 16 sq m connected to the hall and a small room – cloakroom. The two entrances are from two opposing sides that are connected with a 1,6 metre wide and 9 metres long corridor that also has a door which leads to the cellar and both upper floors, cloakroom and the recreation room.

On both floors that are above the ground, in the upper part of the house (the white square), there is a flat with three rooms, a kitchenette, a gas bracket, a bathroom and a toilet. Each bathroom is accessible from the flat to the corridor/intermediate landing of approx. 4,5 sq metres.

The residential rooms have windows which face the southwest. There’s one window in each room and two windows in the living room. There are triple glazed windows, with window jambs of 2x1,4 metres. All the windows in the house are original and made of wood. In every kitchenette there’s one small window, except for the flat on the 2nd floor which has a larger kitchen window. There’s a pantry in each flat. The pantry in the lower flat is in the cellar, the upper flat pantry is on the mezzanine floor.

The residential area of each flat without the kitchenette, bathroom and the corridor is approx. 60-65 sq metres.

The floor covering in the cellar is made from concrete screed, the floors in the corridors are terrace paving, the entrance hall and recreation room are linoleum and the residential rooms feature oak parquet in very good condition, slightly damaged/protruded only at the places of conversion of central heating.

In the mezzanine floor there is a recreation room of 30 sq metres with a balcony of approx. 6 sq metres. There’s a garage for one car, a workroom and a small storage room at the back that goes with the house.

There’s a greenhouse and a farmstead building attached to the garage which is used as a wood storage house. The driveway to the garage is made of gravel and leads around the house. It is 30 metres long. Next to the greenhouse there’s one open parking spot.

The site is fenced around the whole area. The garden is 1 metre higher than the house with the driveway. The ground is strengthened with a stone wall, made in 1993-4, and it is 30 metres long.

At the back part of the garden there are fruit trees. In the front part, in front of the house, there’s a small park with an exotic wood and brick stone pond of approx. 3x1,5 metres, which is drained and covered with soil.

Acreage of the site:

374/         127 sq metres – built-up area and the patio (the house is in the site)
375/1    1289 sq m – garden
375/2      718 sq m – garden
376/        184 sq m – built-up area and patio

SITE IN TOTAL: 2318 sq m





Kováčová is a village in Slovakia in the district of Zvolen. It has an altitude of approx. 300 metres. It is situated in the southwest part of the Zvolen basin, 4 kilometres west of the city of Zvolen, on the edge of Kremnicky hills. There’s a main road from the city of Nitra to Baska Bystrica right next to the village. Because of its thermal springs it is popular and sought after, for both health and recreational reasons. In the village there’s a campsite, swimming pool, baths...


In the village and its surroundings there are several sports clubs (hiking, football, ice-hockey, table tennis etc.)
SKIING: the closest skiing retreat is 12 km far: Kráľová pri Zvolene (650 - 800 metres of altitude) - Javorie, Lower Tatras 50 km, High Tatras 120 km


four lane fast road from Banska Bystrice to Nitra 1 km
public transport
airport Sliač 4 km
trains and long distance buses from Zvolen 5km


Jozef Gregor Tajovský theatre in Zvolen 5km
State Opera Bánská Bystrica 20km
Cinema, Cinema, e.g. 5km


Elementary school and kindergarden in the village
Elemetary and high schools and universities in Zvolen and Bánská Bystrica | | |


PRICE 278.160 €

- the house is located in the centre of the village
- standard prices in the location (120 EUR per 1 sq metre)
- accessibility
- a family house in a sizeable piece of land where there’s enough space and possibility to build a swimming pool and tennis courts...